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MusicZen is an incredibly simple utility that will allow you to organize your mp3 files by moving, naming, and placing them into the directory structure of your choice based on the file tags.

To get started, you specifying the source and destination folders and click ‘Organize’. MusicZen will then search for any .mp3 files under your source folder and move (or copy) the files to the destination folder. Along the way, it will rename the files and build the directory structure of your choice. If the files you are trying to move have duplicates, MusicZen will transfer only one copy of the file to the destination folder and leave the duplicate in the source folder. At the end of the run, it will let you know how many duplicates it found.

MusicZen will not tag your music files; rather, it will read the existing tags in your mp3 files and use this information to create the directories and the name of your files. If MusicZen does not find this information, it will place the files in an “Unknown” folder.

You can download and use MusicZen at no charge by clicking on the Basic Version Download link on the right.

However, if you would like to get more options on how your files are organized, or if you simply enjoyed using MusicZen while trying the basic version and you will like to contribute to its development, you can purchase a license for it and feel good about doing so.

Here are some great reasons to purchase a license.

You will get ..

  • tiny-leave  ..the ability to choose the order of your folder structure.
  • tiny-leave select how the files are named.
  • tiny-leave take it with you in a usb drive and help others organize their mp3 files.
  • tiny-leave download bug fixes and updates, and most importantly,
  • tiny-leave help me fund the loans on to help people around the world!

So whether you want to specify how your files are organized or just simply contribute, you can purchase a license and help do some good!

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, feedback, or comments. I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find MusicZen useful.

Basic vs. Advance
Features Basic Advanced
Move or copy .mp3 files from one folder to another. tiny-leave tiny-leave
Organize .mp3 files in a directory structure. tiny-leave tiny-leave
Rename files as defined by the directory structure. tiny-leave tiny-leave
Counts and ignores duplicate files when moving or copying. tiny-leave tiny-leave
Portable file – No installation required. tiny-leave
Re-arrange folder structure. tiny-leave
Re-arrange file name. tiny-leave